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The job market for Mobile App Developers is booming!

Do you want to learn to code mobile apps for smart phones, or perhaps, you already know the basics of building mobile apps and simply need to focus more on building up a portfolio of work to impress an employer? If so, I welcome you to The Guild of Software Architects. The primary goal of the Guild is to offer apprenticeship training in the trade of Mobile App Development.

A new alternative to college debt: Guild Apprenticeship

The Guild is an alternative form of education that is highly focused on developing a specific set of skills which are known to be in high demand. Our apprenticeship programs are immersive, on-site, project-based courses which not only cover the general concepts of Software Development, but are focused on developing the employable skills required to land junior level positions in fields such as mobile app development for iOS and Android devices.

The courses are taught by industry professionals and delivered in a format typically called a “code bootcamp”. Each apprenticeship course will be 12 weeks long and will be taught in Frisco, TX with a class or cohort limit of 12 students per course. If you think you’re up to the challenge and ready for a major career change, please contact us or apply now.

The Guild also offers night courses on mobile development called Career Accelerators. These courses are designed for students who are serious about learning the fundamentals of iOS or Android development, but must work during the day.

A Focus on Giving Back: Guild Scholarships

The Guild has a passion for giving back through education and timely, effective career training. Therefore, we currently offer discount scholarships for: Women who want to code, and Military Veterans (and their Spouses).

Scholarships for Women.

We want to be part of the solution in making the tech industry more diverse, equitable and welcoming to women (thank you Roger Cheng for this CNET article). Therefore, we are proud to offer a $1000 scholarship to women who want to attend our Code Bootcamps.

Veteran Scholarships.

We know how challenging transferring back into civilian life can be, and we want to help. As a veteran himself, Kevin Harris, also struggled to find meaningful work after his service in DESERT STORM. It was the ever increasing demand for software developers in the late 90’s that allowed him to bypass college and turn his hobby of computer programming into a real job. If you are a veteran (or married to one) and are looking for better pay without committing to four years of college, we offer to you a $3000 scholarship to attend our code bootcamps, which can be an incredibly cost effective way to transition into a new career.

The Guild is also in partnership with Operation Code, a Veteran-founded, and led, organization that is on a mission to get active military, citizen-soldiers, veterans and their families coding and building software to change the world.

Operation Code


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