The Bad News…

Due to interference from the Texas Work Force Commission we no longer offer any code bootcamps on mobile development. We love teaching, but to be honest, we don’t love dealing with government red-tape when we’re simply trying to help people get into mobile development.

The Good News!

With that said, we’ve decided to pivot our business towards mobile apps, wearables, and IOT consulting. If you need some mobile work done for iOS or Android, let us know. You can find us at our new website guildsa.com.¬†Even if you’re a lone coder or a lean start-up, we can work something out, so check us out. Our offices are located in the LaunchPad City building, which is a new Tech Incubator and Innovation Center located in North Texas.

New Coders Needed…

While we’re no longer running a code bootcamp we are, however, up to our necks in client work. So, if you know the basics and you’re a fast learner we would love to talk to you about the amazing opportunities we have as an unpaid coding intern. We’re basically looking for hobbyist coders who want to go pro and learn new Mad Skillz such as iOS, Android, Mobile Web Development using Polymer, and Artificial Intelligence. No fancy resumes required, just drop by with your laptop and show us what you know and we’ll try to put you to work! Who knows, you might even get paid for it one day.