Generic Drugs Can Offer Big Savings!

How to not pay more than $4 on generic drugs

What are generic drugs?

Generic drugs are selected copies of drugs with the same therapeutic effects, dosage, risk, strength, administration and intended use as the branded drugs. The only difference between <ahref=””>generic drugs and branded drugs is that the former may come in different colors, packaging and taste.

However, both branded drugs and generic drugs are of the same quality and perform the same functions. The major benefit of generic prescription drugs is that they come cheaper than the ones with brand names.

Cost of generics

Over the years, the United States pharmaceutical industry is renowned for having some of the highest-priced prescription drugs in the world. Low-income families in the country are the biggest sufferers of high-cost prescription drugs with around 18% paying more than $4,000.

Prices of Rx drugs have been on the rise due to the monopolies granted the pharmaceutical companies by the government, and inability to allow for negotiation of drug prices. That has been the case until when the world’s largest company by revenue, Walmart Stores, Inc., intervened with its pharmacy discount card program.

Walmart’s life saving grace

As a way to provide US working family’s affordable healthcare, the retail store developed the Walmart pharmacy discount card, otherwise known as the Easy Drug Card. The retail store’s Rx drug discount program allows consumers to save up to 75% at any Walmart Pharmacy store nationwide. Since the launch of the drug coupon program in 2006, over 300 generic prescription drugs have been made available in the country for just a cut price of $4 for up to 30 days supply and just $10 for up to 3 months supply, helping families and individuals paying more for medication to have access to cheap health care. The $4 prescription discount is accessible in all Walmart Pharmacy stores and other related pharmacy chains nationwide!

More than a decade later, the retail store and other large US retail pharmacy stores now have leverage when it comes to purchasing pharmaceuticals, forcing stocks of drug companies to drop and sending prices of generic drugs on a consistent downward slope, so that you should never pay so much for generic drugs anymore!

Generic drugs -pills

Individuals and families with prescriptions from their doctors will be able to access the $4 coupon on generic medicines by just using their Easy Drug Cards, which are accessible to everyone irrespective of age. For instance, a Risperidone medication prescription, which would have cost you more or less than $50 without the Discount Card will only cost you as little as $13 with the card.

All that you simply need do is a show to the attending pharmacist the coupon card which you can print out or download from Walmart’s Easy Drug Card app. Without further ado, you’ll be accessing the cheapest generic medication, thanks to the coupon program!

The discount card is accessible to those that are without a health insurance while it can also be used by those currently have an insurance plan. With the discount card, medicines used in managing and treating health conditions such as high blood pressure, allergies, mental health, respiratory problems, diabetes, and cholesterol, are available. Antibiotics, prescription vitamins, antipsychotic and antidepressants are all included in the program.


One of the ways to escape paying more for medicinal drugs is by using the Walmart Pharmacy Discount Card rather than pay extra dollars for the same drugs with same pharmacological effects and variables as the ones without discount. When you don’t have a health insurance, the Easy Drug Card is your way out to a guaranteed healthy life without losing a pretty penny to pharmaceutical companies.